Today, we’re going to discuss the four questions you should ask yourself before spending your hard-earned money on anything.


Do I:

1) Need it?

2) Love it?

3) Like it?

4) Want it?


Let’s talk about your needs first.

Needs are the very basics, like food, shelter, or clothing. A need is something you must have in order to live. You need shelter to protect your family and without food, you can’t survive.


Next, come up with two things you love.

Understanding what you love is key. Things we like and want tend to cost less money and take less patience to acquire. On the other hand, things we love tend to cost more and take more sacrifice to obtain.


Drawing a blank on what you love?

Consider this: If you had Oprah’s bank account, what would you do? Choose two of the things that you imagine yourself having or doing; they’re the financial loves of your life.


In order to save more money, it’s important that we make the switch to a purposeful and passionate financial life.

Needs = purpose

Loves = passion


Spending less money on likes or wants means you’ll have more money for savings and passions that add abundance to your life. We’ll talk about this more later in the Challenge. Keep in mind, you don’t have to cut out every single one of your likes and wants. It’s just important that you establish priorities.


After you’ve put some thought into each category, share your loves with me in the comments and with your accountability partner. When you reach out to your partner ask them, “What are your loves?”.

It’s important to define them now. They will help you to focus when you’re tempted to spend.


Also, don’t forget to spread the wealth and share today’s task with your network on your socials.


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista”

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