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Another day, another task. Let’s get to it!

Yesterday, you decided what abundance looks like in your life. The purpose of today’s task is to see how much extra money you need to earn per month to make abundance happen.

Don’t hold back; I want you to add everything you’re passionate about. You may not have the funds right now to pay for it all, but it’s important to pre-plan for the life you want so you can take the steps necessary to attain it.

To help you with today’s task, I’ve found a free Financial Abundance Worksheet created by Jessica Mullen. You can get a copy of it HERE.

Use the worksheet to estimate how much your abundance costs each month. Then put the total from your abundance worksheet on the abundance line of your Money List.

Here’s an example. If I want to get my hair done for $200 and piano lessons for $150 per month, I write it all down on my Abundance Worksheet. The total is $350. Then I write $350 on the abundance line that I add to my Money List.

Make sense?

After you’ve added abundance to your budget, do the math to see how much more money you need to make each month to cover abundance. Do this by taking a look at your newly designed savings.

Can a portion of that money be set aside to fund your abundance? If so, how much more do you need to make to cover the rest? If you don’t want to use some of your savings, it’s okay; that just means you’ll have to make the full amount to fund your abundance desires.

Share how much more you need to make per month to pay for abundance with me in the comments.

Ask your accountability partner how much do they need to make. Share what you’ve written on your Financial Abundance Worksheet with each other.

Share what you’re learned with your peeps on social. Tweet them too.

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