So far this week, you’ve had a no-spend day, created a budget, found savings by negotiating with your service providers, and restructured your debt. Today we’re talking automation.


Automation = The New Discipline

You’re 100% more likely to stick to your savings goals when money is automatically transferred into your savings account. Let’s face it: humans can be pretty unreliable. Automated transfers however are completely reliable.


Your task today is to set up automatic transfers to your Money Bucket. Where will the money come from? Glad you asked!

Did you call your service providers and save money during Day 10’s task, “Find Money”? If yes, AWESOME! You just need to save the money you’ll now have from reducing your bills.


Here’s how:

1) List the service providers that agreed to lower your payments.

2) List the due dates of the recurring payments of each service provider who agreed to lower your bill on your Money List.

3) Instead of paying the full amount to your providers, transfer the amount that you’re saving to your Money Bucket. Make the two payments on the same day you normally pay the service provider.

4) Automate both payments, part of it to the service provider and part of it to your Money Bucket.


Your phone bill was $300/month and you negotiated it down to $200/month, a savings of $100. Instead of spending the discount on new shoes, you decide to save it.

Your cable bill is due on the 10th of every month. You pay $300/month on the 10th: $200 goes to cable and $100 goes to your Money Bucket with both payments automated.


You can also find other savings to put into your Money Bucket. Try committing to an “essential spending only” day one day each week. On Day 8: Essential Spending, your task was to: Kick non-essential spending to the curb. How much did you save that day? Transfer that money to your Money Bucket.


Have you found savings on your other monthly expenses like groceries, personal care, or transportation? Add up how much you can comfortably save monthly and set up another automatic transfer to your Money Bucket.

You have all the tools you need to reduce your spending in order to save money automatically. Next week, we’re going to discuss ways to make more money for your savings goals and passions. Get excited!


Remember to support your accountability partner. This is a team effort! Has your partner taken the time to automate their saving? It literally will only take a few minutes.

I’d loooove to know how much you will be automating to your Money Bucket each month. Tell me in the comments. Share your amount in our Dream Catcher Savings Community too.

No amount is too small. It’s important to share “out loud”. It holds you accountable and inspires others to take the leap.


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista”

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