Guess what? Today is our first task that includes a short video. Take a moment to watch how to make today’s task work for you. Then share what you’re doing to reach your goal with me and your accountability partners.

The purpose of this task is to take action, no matter how small. One of the biggest obstacles that hold us back from success is the inability to overcome mental roadblocks. These hurdles impede our actions or progress.


Here’s how to get started:

1) Identify the goal your action will affect.

2) Identify how close you are to accomplishing that goal.

3) Ask yourself, “Self, what is the next best step that I can take toward making that goal happen?”

4) Take that step.


Note: Make sure the step can be taken TODAY. No step is too small. What you’re working on is your action-taking habit, so don’t get caught up on whether or not the step is big enough.



1) Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $600 in 6 months.

2) How close am I: I already have $50 saved.

3) Next best step: I have $50 saved in cash. I can open up a Money Bucket (an online-only Savings Account: Day 3) and save it there instead.

4) Take the step: I use what I learned during Day 3 to find and open my Money Bucket.


If you want to save like a pro, you must repeat positive behaviors over time. Why? Often we can’t make huge changes to our habits quickly, but we can and should make smaller changes more consistently.

Today, my friend, you’ll take one small step to adjust your savings behavior. Then next week, you’ll create a plan of action to take several more steps toward your goal by the end of this Challenge, so get ready!


Okay, are YOU ready? What action will you take today toward one of your savings goals from Day 1?


Don’t be shy. Tell me in the comments. Reach out to your accountability partner and ask, what step they plan to take; then check on them throughout the day and encourage them to take that step. Do a happy-dance when you’ve both completed the step. *insert smile*

Share what you’re doing today on your socials!


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista”


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  • 1) I will have $120 more in my savings in 6 months than I did today.
    2) I am $115 closer to my goal today.
    3) My next best step is to complete the LRC Savings Edition and post for each day of the challenge.
    4) I had already opened the online savings account with automated deposits and my first deposit was 2 days ago.

  • I am a little gun shy about opening an account online. I know the interest rate is great. I just need to feel better about it. I do not know anyone personally that does this

  • Took me a while to narrow down what I wanted to work on. I’m going to work on automating my bills. I watched Tiffany on Mel Robinson’s podcast and she broke down what and how to automate your bills. (Can’t remember if that’s the correct term). I always thought when she mentioned automating your bills I thought she meant to have your bills automatic come out of your account. Now I understand it and it makes so much sense. I can see how it eliminates worrying about if you have over spent at the grocery store and won’t have enough for the electric bill.

    I already have several checking accounts and I know which one I will use for bills and which one for miscellaneous, so that’s already done. Now I just need to make sure all the bills have that account info for payment. I want to have this completed this week. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive effect of this mind shift. Nothing but goodness to come.

  • I opened a high-yield savings account and a brokerage account any change left in the checking account would be transferred to the savings account.

  • 1) Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $5000 in 6 months.

    2) How close am I: I already have $200 saved.

    3) Next best step: I have opened an e-wallet that I will use as Money Bucket (an online-only Savings Account).

    4) I have already opened a second saving account from my bank where I ask the them to transfer 50% of any deposit from the original account.

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