• Vicki

    Thus far, I have learned the importance of credit utilization and daily or weekly check ups on your credit activity and inquiries.

  • I thought it was super helpful to break down all the non essentials into multiple emotional attachment levels. I feel like I expected more to be in the lower wants categories so I may need to do some self reflection on why those lower ones are so bare.

  • My goal is peace, including financially. I love freedom of choice, providing our needs and teaching my sons by example. I like being proud of my Self. My wants are travel, easy gifting.

  • Needs -house, car, savings, flexible job
    Loves – Westies, cats, yoga, gardening, flea markets
    Likes – reading, self-help, volunteering
    Wants – to be debt free!, for my son to find his career calling and a stable full-time job

  • NEEDS: Fulfilling career, a comfortable home, a reliable/practical vehicle, basics (clothes, food, running water, electricity, etc.), strong support system, regular self-care

    LOVES: Family time/outings, walks, floating (on a river, salt tanks), flower/plant shopping, farmers’ markets, planning, travel, conversing about any- and everything, learning something new EVERY DAY

    LIKES: Helping others, reading, writing, crafts, sewing, bowling, movies and popcorn, game nights, good food and drinks, day/road trips, camping

    WANTS: Financial freedom, my children to reach the same freedom, and to not just “roll with the punches” through life

  • I have learned that my monthly payments determine how likely a lien holder, merchant and anyone I’m applying for credit with say an apartment lease, a home or maybe a new car views my score as a blueprint to determine if they’ll get their money on time and the likelihood of being paid.

  • Meanwhile, I’m researching possibilities of creating wealth and as the French say, de’ un’ certain age’ (I’m of a certain age), now, that I’m sure my best days are not behind me, but waiting ahead of me.

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