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Congrats! We’re almost at the end of our third and final week.

How are you feeling? How are you progressing with your savings goals from Day 1? There’s still three more days left to take a concrete step to reach it! Keep pushing.

Today we’re going to put your abundance plan in motion. You’re going to do an activity that will help you start making extra money ASAP.

Growing up, one of my father’s favorite sayings was “Many drops of water does a mighty river make.” This means a series of small choices can add up to big results.

What small choices can you do today? Now?

Things You Can Do to Put Your Abundance in Action:

  • Search TaskRabbit for jobs in your area.
  • Take photos of clothes you want to sell and post on Poshmark.
  • Sign up for survey sites and take a few surveys.
  • Mention your side hustle to everyone you see.
  • Post photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with information on your hustle.
  • Send out a price list to let people know that you’re now charging for your services.
  • Sign up for studies on Focus Group.
  • Create a “brag book” of the value you’ve brought to your job, then ask your boss for an appointment to meet. Ask for that raise!

Extra income won’t fall into your lap, but if you begin actively seeking opportunities to make money it’ll start coming your way. In the long run, your small actions from today, tomorrow and into the future will make all the difference.

So pick up the phone, send some emails, post your services on social media, sign-up for the movement and start networking! Do something today.

At the very least, tell me and your accountability partner your plans for making more. Let me know what specific action you plan to take today in the comments. 


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista”

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