You’ve made it to Day 18!

Are you excited to earn more income on the side? I’m excited for you. Today we’re going to take yesterday’s task one step further. You’re going to figure out exactly how many hours you need to work to pay for your loves.

Always keep in mind, the reason you seek to earn more money isn’t to work yourself to death. I don’t believe in over-sacrifice. You should work to make exactly how much you need to meet your savings goals and live a more abundant life. No more.


Here’s how to find out how much work that’ll take:

Say I need to make an extra $350 per month for my loves. Since there are 4 weeks in a month, I need to make about $88 per week (or $350 divided by 4). I decide to babysit for $15 per hour. If I do, I need to make sure I get in about 6 hours of babysitting each week to reach my goal (or $88 divided by $15). Now it’s your turn!

When you’re finished doing the math, share how you plan to make this work with me in the comments and with your accountability partner.


Quick Reminder: How are you progressing towards your Savings Goal from Day 1? Keep me updated! Use the comments.

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  • I’m running a few days behind on the LRC save assignments.The days of abundance and how to fund my loves is a work in progress. I do want to set up a Travel Fund to be able to travel twice a year. How to fund the venture, treat boxes or gift bags sales for Mother’s Day. I work full-time (32-33 hours) per week. So it makes it hard to get an extra side hustle(extra job), cut back on spending is a better route until I can see a way to do more. Saving goal update $55 emergency fund. EFT to savings account April 5th start date implementation,Woo Hoo.

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