Yesterday, you created a Money List (budget). Round of applause! You’re killing it!

Today, it’s time to find opportunities for savings. Take out your Money List and go through each expense to see if you can reduce the amount of money you spend for things like groceries, personal care, entertainment, transportation, etc. No amount is too small. Every bit you save will help you complete the savings tasks you wrote down on “Day 1: Savings Goals”.


Next, call the service providers on your list, like your car insurance and cable providers to ask for a discount. Yup, I’m serious! Call them up and negotiate a discount.

We did this during past Live Richer Challenges and tons of Dream Catchers (those of us doing the Live Richer Challenge) were able to successfully lower their bills. Do this task every year to ensure you’re always getting the best deal from your service providers. You never want to miss out on opportunities to save money.

Don’t think it can work? Here are a few success stories:

Mrs. Sparks

What a blessing! I called my cell phone, cable and internet, and home security providers and was able to get a total reduction of about $70 a month! It’s not a lot, but it’s something! Money I can save and use towards my “LOVE” items in six months!


I’ve was able to save $30 on my cell phone bill. Yeah! Additionally, I received $21 off my auto insurance six-month premium. I was an avid couponer at one time; I will have to bring that system back regularly. I saved a lot of money when I couponed previously. I just ran out of toothpaste after 2 years. LOL!

40 and Finding Fitness

I am enjoying this Challenge so far. I had to do a mental check and truly look at my expenses. I realized that my phone package had bells and whistles that I didn’t need so I lowered my bill by about $80 by simply looking at how I was using my data plan.


Do you feel nervous about making the call? No worries—here’s a script to help you.

The Script:

“Hello, my name is _________________ and I’ve been a loyal customer for _____ years. I was reviewing my bill from your agency and due to financial constraints, I’m not able to continue paying this amount. I want to remain a customer; is there something you can do to help me?”

Do’s and Don’ts of Asking For a Discount

  • Be pleasant. The person on the phone has way more power than you think. They can pull strings behind the scenes, but they’ll only do it if you treat them well. So be nice. Ask how their day is going; say thank you and that you appreciate their help.
  • Be persistent. Sure, the first person you talk to may say no. That doesn’t mean the next person will. Try, try, try again.
  • Do some research. Find out competitor rates and use them to politely negotiate. Don’t be afraid to drop their competitor’s name while negotiating, too.
  • Ask for the Retention Department. If you keep hearing no, ask for this department as a final resort. They’ll be the most willing to make a deal as a last-ditch effort to keep your business.
  • Be prepared to leave. If your providers aren’t willing to work with you and you really want to put more money into savings, you may have to cancel it. I canceled my cable several years ago after getting too many no’s. Now I use that money to travel instead. Best decision ever.


When you find savings, add it to yesterday’s Money List in the Reduced Monthly Amount column. If you can’t make any cuts to a line item, don’t worry. Move on to the next one. I can’t wait to hear your savings success stories. Share them with me in the comments.

Practice your script with your accountability partner(s). Share your successes and challenges with this task in the Savings Challenge Private Community. You may inspire someone, or get some motivation yourself.


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista”

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  • I was able to lower my car insurance by $41. The internet provider is not budging. For my budget buster, groceries…I am reviewing receipts and comparing store prices for the best deals. It’s a lot of work for now, but slowly saving on food.

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