Welcome to the LRC: Savings Challenge, Dream Catcher!

In this Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition, there’s an Easy Financial Task (along with free tools and resources) emailed daily to help you get and stay on the road to saving more money… in just 22 days!


How the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition works:

Each day during the Challenge, there’s an Easy Financial Task to help you increase your savings.


The weekly themes for the Challenge are:

Week 1: Savings Mindset

Week 2: Implementation & Automation

Week 3: Increase Your Abundance



How to guarantee your success:

  • Join the Dream Catcher Savings Challenge Private Community HERE
  • Choose an accountability partner. You can partner with friends, family, and coworkers to create your own mini-Dream Catcher group or you can find a partner in our Savings Challenge Private Community. Join HERE.
  • Read through each task in the morning and commit to working on the task throughout the day.
  • Make sure to check in every Sunday for a live discussion and QA
  • Download the Challenge Starter Kit Calendar. This free resource contains awesome tools like the Challenge calendar below and will help to keep you on track throughout the Challenge.
  • Get your Starter Kit HERE.Untitled


See you on Challenge Day 1!

Want to work through the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition in a workbook? It’s part of a bestselling series! Click the link below and get your copy.



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