This Week’s Goal: To learn what credit is, how to get your credit report for free, and how areas of your credit report impact your credit score.

Day 1: Credit Goals

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Identify, write down, and share your credit goals.

How to rock this task:

  1. List up to two specific goals for your credit
  2. Write down your goal(s)
  3. Share them (tell me, tell a friend, or share your goals in the Dream Catcher Challenge Group)

Welcome to the the first week of the Challenge. Woot! Woot!

Our mission this week is to tackle the fundamentals of credit including what’s on your credit report and how your credit report is used to calculate your credit score. A solid understanding of these basics is what will help you achieve long-term credit score growth and maintenance.

Are you excited?! I am!

On the first day of each Live Richer Challenge, we tackle our goals. The Credit Edition is no different. Let’s get started.

I want you to identify two specific credit goals you want to work on during this Challenge, and what goals you want to continue working on after this Challenge comes to a close.

Know this: your credit score may not improve by leaps and bounds overnight, or within the three weeks of this Challenge. Buuuuut, any increase is a great achievement and making a commitment to do what’s necessary to improve your credit long-term will produce the results you desire.

Take me for example. I was able to increase my credit score by over 200 points (from 547 to 750) in a year and a half. It’s possible folks!

Make sure you write down when and how you plan to achieve your credit goals.

Not sure how to make your credit goal(s) happen? Don’t worry!

Next week, I’ll be giving you tasks to work on that will help you clean up your credit report and increase your credit score. You can always update your “how” as we move forward with the Challenge.

Next, write down your goals and post them somewhere. I created a FREE goal sheet for you. Get it HERE.

Don’t forget, you need to pick an accountability partner(s).

I suggest picking a friend or organizing a group of people who want to do the Challenge with you, so you’re both on the same page.

You can also head into the Dream Catcher Credit Challenge Group to find other Dream Catchers who are working through the Challenge as well.

Let everyone know that you are a part of a movement! Doing so will encourage others to join.

Tag me @TheBudgetnista and use hashtags #LiveRicherCredit

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?! Share in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be working on!

Live richer,


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P.P.S. Here's a copy of the Challenge Calendar. It’s a fun way to keep track of your progress.

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  • My two goals are:
    1. Complete my chapter 13 Bankruptcy and never file for bankruptcy again.
    2. May payments on time and pay off credit card balance monthly

  • This far, I have set up an auto-pay monthly payment with SS Overpayment, and this week, I will be scheduling a biweekly payment plan with student loans to start on the interest accrued. I do not have to make payments until September of this year due to paying a lump sum(paying off 3 loans) before the pandemic. However, I’d like to have a head start to prevent low credit scores, high interest rate, and owing more.😊

  • I am excited to work with a great crowd that knows what to do in order to get your credit straight. Looking forward to seeing how far I can good. Thank you all for my new future.

  • The two main things I wish to accomplish with this challenge are:

    1. Erase credit card debt and boost my credit score
    2. Turn former debt into savings and be able to enjoy life a little more…without having to run back to credit cards all the time

  • I have a “don’t make enough money “ problem. My first goal is to get a new job and increase my income. 2nd goal is to pay off the small bit of CC debt accrued this month from lack of scheduled hours.

  • 1. Hi Everyone, my goal this year is to succeed the score of 850 if possible. Tiffany I need your help
    2. To have an emergency fund of 1000.00
    3. To clear up credit report.

    Having trouble getting my credit report, can you help?

  • I have written down 2 goals:
    1) To increase my credit score without going into debt.
    2) To learn how to use credit to my advantage.

  • -To raise my credit score to at least 700 by the end of the year.
    – To keep track of my spending habits so I can know where my money is going and make better decisions.

  • 1. Increase my credit score from sub-600 [started sub-500 in Aug. Currently 572 🙁 ] to 730+.
    2. To refinance my car loan (from $630@24%, to under $400@6% or lower)

  • I’ve paid for a lot of self development in 2022-23. I have a Investing coach, a two Options Trading coaches, I had a Commercial Real Estate coach but this went bust and I wasted $6K, and I have a Book Publishing coach. My two goals are to:
    1. Pay my credit card debt off as quickly as possible.
    2. Boost my 720 credit score to over 800.

  • My two goals are to become debt free and have two savings accounts and work towards my emergency fund(6 months income) Will be tough but I am determined. Budgeting is the key!

  • 1- My goals is to improve my credit
    2- My credit will be increased by June 2025, it’s a lot of work to be done

  • My first goal is to have a great credit score
    And my second goal is to gain more credit knowledge putting it to good use

  • My goals:
    1. Pay half of debts (credit cards and loan) before the end of the year
    2. Create and follow a budget so we never use a credit card again!

  • 1.) I want to be better with budgeting and pay off debt.
    2.) I want to be able to get my score above a 600, and not go back down.

  • 1. Pay all of my credit card payments on time.
    2. Pay off my lowest balance credit card in 3-months instead of the 6-months if I paid the minimum payment.

  • My two goals are:
    1. Increase my credit score from 550 to 700 by January 2025.
    2. Start working on a repayment plan for Credit card debts and loans.

  • 1. To become debt free I have more biz debt than personal

    2. To create emergency savings and be financially free to do more with my money

  • Goal #1 – pay down my credit card so I have used only 30% (or less) of my credit space.

    Goal #2 – increase my credit score to 700

  • Hello!

    I am so excited to be apart of the challenge. My immediate goals are:

    1. Increase credit score to 750
    2.Payoff all credit card debt to create more money to invest.

  • my goals are to bring down my utilization on my credit cards so I can increase my credit score by 100 points by the end of the challenge.

  • My credit goals are to reduce high interest rate debts by paying more than minimum amount due and to increase my credit score to 700

  • My goals are:
    1. Stop living paycheck to paycheck by creating a workable budget.
    2. Create an Emergency fund for House and car repairs

  • My credit related goals for 2024 are:
    1- Increase my credit score to 700 by end of year
    2-Decrease my credit card debt by 50% ($7,687)

  • 1. Get my credit score moving in a POSITIVE DIRECTION.
    2. Within this year, have each of my credit cards paid down to at least 10% of the limit if not more.

  • Credit Goals
    Goal 1: Pay off all cards that are super high interest and charge monthly fees. And then close them.
    Goal 2: Raise credit score to 625 by the end of the year.

  • My credit goals is to check my credit report to see if there is anything that needs to be removed and to keep my ratio lower than 30%.

  • My top 2 goals are:
    1) Increase my credit score to 750 within 2 years
    2) Build discipline in keeping my credit utilization low/at the recommended healthy rate (i.e. stop over spending and pay off balances consistently)

    Bonus goal would be to remove my most recent delinquent account from my credit report

  • Day 1- Credit goals
    *Increase score by 150 points by the end of 2024
    *Pay off and remove collections
    Mid-term: Qualify for HELOC for home improvements, remodeling and repairs

  • My number one goal now is to get out of debt b y July of 2025. I have not put the numbers together yet to see the feasibility but if I can do it earlier, I will. Credit score is now 600. I am looking forward to 720.

  • My goals are to pay off my debt (but not in three weeks…) and raise my credit score to 740. Not sure if I’m just supposed to have a goal for the three weeks?

  • Pay all my credit card debt off by the end of this year 2024. I will be using my annual bonus to make off as much credit card debt as possible then consolidate and eliminate.

    Goal 2 – increase my credit score by 150-200 points by year end

  • Over the years I was working on by budget but never got to an end result. Now, that I am in a group I know I will better end results. My goals for today:
    Pay off Credit Cards
    Raise my credit score

  • My 2 goals are:
    1. To increase my credit score
    2. Build better spending/saving habits that will enable me to secure my future.

  • I have a credit score of 652 and want my credit score to be 750 by next year I need a new car desperately my car is 18 years old and falling apart. Need to save for the car also.

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